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Bespoke Furniture & Joinery

Touch House provides the ultimate in luxury and truly bespoke furniture and joinery for high-end residential properties. From one-off pieces of handmade furniture to entire interior refits, we undertake a very wide range of domestic projects, responding to the needs and desires of our clients with individual and design-led solutions.

Whatever the scale of your project, our teams will work with you to turn your vision into reality, delivering a truly unique and inspirational home. We pride ourselves on our ability to visualise your ideas, using state of the art software, giving you a true feel for your designs as they develop, with both 3D renders and detailed technical drawings.

Your Project

Under One Roof

Your project is managed and produced, from start to finish, all under one roof; you are welcome to visit at any stage of the process to see your vision come to life and to talk to the craftspeople and technicians involved.

Design, materials and craftsmanship are at the heart of our work, which is undertaken with extraordinary precision, putting real emphasis on our attention to detail throughout the design and manufacturing processes. Because of this tailored and collaborative approach, our extensive materials library and meticulous in-house manufacturing, each Touch House project is truly unique to you.

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The Wardrobe

At Touch Design Group there are a multitude of stories to be told and we enjoy exploring the different ways of capturing the essence of who we are – film is just one of them. Watch our film The Wardrobe and listen to David Crosby, Director at Touch Design Group, talk about how his bespoke design developed from concept to completion.

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