At Touch Design Group we make every effort to reduce the environmental impact of our bespoke furniture, recognising the growing desire to know that the goods that exist in our homes are made by sustainable and ethical practices. We strive to produce the highest quality sustainable furniture through responsible sourcing and renewable energy manufacturing processes.

The foundation of producing sustainable furniture is in the materials, and our commitment to sourcing the highest quality material from responsible businesses is integral to our work. We take the time to travel throughout Europe and elsewhere and get to know businesses before we become partners, making sure that they share our values and commitment to environmentally friendly practices. As a result, our materials are truly handpicked, enabling us to offer an extraordinary range of the best products and finishes from around the world.

Our veneers are hand selected from one of the world’s top veneer merchants, sustainably sourced and fully accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). For example, a trip to Italy resulted in finding beautiful weathered veneers made from old staging posts used to tie up gondolas in Venice.

In our efforts to make our furniture sustainable we’ve also jumped on the opportunity to integrate renewable technologies into the manufacturing process. When we recently moved to our new facility in Marsh Green Road in Exeter, our first investment was in a photovoltaic solar array covering half of the building’s roof. This now provides up to 50Kw of electricity.

We have also invested in a wood waste boiler system. This British designed and manufactured waste-to-heat energy system burns all our wood waste and sawdust to provide space heating to factory areas, radiator heating for offices and hot water.

We plan for these new system to produce roughly 80% of our total energy needs through these combined renewable technologies – evidence of our complete dedication to renewable energy manufacturing.

We are proud of what we have accomplished so far, but thankfully technology is continually evolving and we are always on the look out for new means, to ensure we can reduce environmental impact and provide the highest quality furniture for our clients.

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