Collaboration is key to our process. That’s why all our projects start by listening to our clients, understanding their needs and then producing design-focused solutions, tailored to the end user.

We ensure that we fully understand the client’s desires and we integrate this with all other factors that have to be considered such as budget, site constraints, time-frames and material limitations. These factors will then be discussed, and the designs further refined to accommodate these requirements through a series of consultations.


Our design-led approach enables us to take on increasingly innovative and progressive projects, exploring new methods of making and using exciting new materials.

Our talented team of in-house designers and studio technicians are always on-hand during a project to develop new concepts and ideas or work with existing plans, transforming ideas into working drawings.

This partnership also helps us to solve problems thoroughly. Any design issues are resolved not only in terms of how the product will be made, but also how it will be installed.

Visualising and communicating ideas are critical to the process and, to facilitate this, we work with all the latest software packages including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, SketchUp, Mastercam and the Adobe suites.


Once the final drawings have been approved, a project manager will be assigned, and our team of technicians will set to work to ensure that the drawings are workshop ready so that our craftsmen can begin the meticulous manufacturing process.

Craftsmanship is our heritage, and as we embrace technology and all the possibilities it brings, we recognise the unique outcomes that derive from combining traditional and modern methods of making. Our highly-skilled team are trained in hand cabinetry, machine work, carving, vacuum forming, veneering and wood turning, amongst other processes.

Significant investment in technology, particularly CNC machinery and its associated software, has enabled us to take on increasingly ambitious projects in terms of scale of design and complexity. We regularly work with designers and architects to prototype construction details and systems. With the endless possibilities that progressions in technology afford us, our workshops can produce extraordinary results with an unrivalled level of precision.


Once the manufacturing process is complete, our specialist team of fitters will install the final piece with the utmost care. Before the project arrives on site to be fitted, we go to great lengths to ensure that every detail of the scheme is resolved. We spend extra time ‘dry assembling’ finished pieces here at our workshop, an integral part of the Touch process that ensures a smooth installation and minimum disruption on site.