Want to know what makes a bespoke kitchen the perfect kitchen? We asked our Touch Kitchen designer, Richard Swift, about the essential elements of luxury kitchen design. Here’s what he had to say. 

In your eyes, what makes a luxury kitchen?

A true luxury kitchen combines the finest material finishes with cutting edge technology – and this is central to our approach here at Touch. We marry age-old craft with the latest innovations to create kitchen interiors that celebrate the best processes and materials the world has to offer.

So what would you say are the essential elements to consider when designing a luxury kitchen?

There are several key elements to consider when designing a bespoke, luxury kitchen. These are:

1. Space planning

At Touch, we go to great lengths to ensure the space is tailored around the needs of our clients. Throughout the design process, we take the time to understand how our clients might use the space on a day-to-day level, as well as special occasions. It is only by taking this into consideration that we can design the perfect kitchen for them specifically.

2. Material Choice

Material choice is a huge part of our offering and we encourage our clients to be brave! Our materials library at Touch HQ holds standout materials from all around the world. In fact, we actively go out of our way to find the latest and the greatest materials for our clients. For example, last week I visited specialist metal fabricators in Abruzzo, on the east coast of Italy.

3. Appliances

For many people the perfect kitchen includes several appliances. There’s an extraordinary range of appliances to choose from today and we know that it can often be quite overwhelming for clients to narrow it down to what might best work for them. At Touch, we always ensure that the appliances we specify are tailored around the needs and aspiration of our client. Luxury brands we frequently return to, however, include Subzero, Meile, Gaggenau.

perfect kitchen details

4. Detail

With a Touch Kitchen, it’s all about the detail. When designing a bespoke kitchen interior, we don’t see the space in isolation but as an extension of the wider architectural environment in which it sits. Like a beautiful piece of bespoke furniture, a well-designed kitchen should compliment its environment and enhance its surroundings.

5. Lighting

Alongside the other key elements, a well-lit kitchen with appropriate task and ambient lighting will completely transform the space. At Touch, we like to work with the team at Amos Lighting to develop a scheme that gets the very most out of the design.

perfect kitchen lighting

What do you think are the main benefits of a bespoke kitchen? What makes it so much better than a standard design?

A truly bespoke kitchen means that you can have whatever your want. From the spatial design through to the detailing and material choice, there are no limits when it comes to creating your vision of the perfect kitchen. This makes the design stage an incredibly exciting and creative pro-cess. Many high-end kitchen companies are perceived to be bespoke, but on closer inspection are often constrained by modular systems. People come to Touch because we offer a truly bespoke service. No two Touch kitchens are ever the same and the possibilities are endless. Find out more about our bespoke kitchens.