Often referred to as a world trend setter, Italy has not only produced some of the greatest furniture designers of the world but some of the best kitchen designs too. Renowned for combining sleek lines and bold dynamic design with unrivalled functionality and efficiency, the Italian’s have long earned a reputation for outstanding kitchen design.

Lead designer at Touch Kitchen, Richard Swift, is the creative driving force behind our kitchen interior brand. With over 20 years experience in the industry, Richard has worked across the world and regularly visits our partners in Italy where many of the materials for our bespoke kitchens are sourced.

A long-standing fan of Italian kitchen, we asked Richard to tell us what he thinks makes Italian kitchen design so unique:

What impact has history had on Italian Kitchen design?

“Italy has long been a major trend setter in global kitchen design. Historically the Italians love of food and cooking allied to an embedded cultural appreciation of art and design have come together to produce kitchen interiors born out of both passion and creative talent.

What do you think is owed to the on-going success of Italian Kitchen design?

“On-going investment in research and development has played a huge part in maintaining the Italian’s position on the global stage. The Italian kitchen industry (often born out of small family businesses) continues to lead the way by investing huge resources and creativity into new materials, technologies and design collections that keep redefining the kitchen space”

What does Italian Kitchen design look like in 2016?

“The contemporary Italian modular kitchen is defined by minimal forms, clean surfaces, bold shapes and strong colours. A mix of materials and textures dress these kitchen interiors, to create design-led contemporary kitchen interiors that are admired the world over”.

What do you attribute the on-going success of Italian Kitchen design to?

“If I had to sum up what makes Italian kitchen design stand so extraordinarily successful, I would say their embedded design culture, approach to materials and a commitment to research and development are all contributing factors.”

How does the historical success of the Italian Kitchen impacted designs at Touch Kitchen?

“There is no doubt we have huge admiration for the Italian design culture and their ethos is very much embedded in our everyday approach to design and material use at Touch. This combined with the fact that we enjoy regular visits to Italy to hand-pick our materials and finishes is testament to the level of detail that goes into creating our bespoke kitchen interiors”.


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