Our head of marketing, Hannah Huggins, was interviewed for the latest edition of the Exeter Living Interiors feature. Here it is;

To what extent do you follow seasonal trends?

From a young age, trends never particularly interested me, so my design style has been shaped by an appreciation for pieces and a look that will stand the test of time. I see myself more as a curator – sourcing pieces from talented artists or furniture designers and bringing a number of elements together to create a beautiful interior.

I love to mix old and new – the old gives an interior history and heritage and the new breathes a vitality and vibrancy into a project.

To whom, or to what, do you turn when you need interior design inspiration?

I tend to look outside of the immediate industry for ideas and inspiration. Nature, fashion design and more random observations can influence my thought process and design aesthetic. It’s important to me to work with creatives outside of the interiors field. Leather-worker Louise Middleton and sculptor Stephen Pettifer are both extraordinary talents in their own right, and just being in their company inspires me.

Favourite colour for interiors right now?

If I had to single out one colour it would probably have to be green. I love its vibrancy, its versatility and its timelessness. It will never stop looking good if used right.

Tell us about a recent project that you’re really proud of…

We are careful to be very discreet when discussing projects, but I will say that we have just finished a beautiful interior for a house on the south coast of Devon, and an interior project in Walton Street in London is due to completed any day now. We are also just making a start on an interiors project in the Royal Crescent in Bath.

What would your fantasy room look like?

I am lucky to be surrounded by talented craftsmen, and this has deepened my understanding of process and the possibilities that exist when age-old craft meets extraordinary innovation. My perfect room would bring together these two themes, showcasing the best of old and new possibilities, in a room that was beautiful to look at, comfortable to be in and full of interesting stories.

Featured in Exeter Living Issue 199 – see the full publication here.

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