The New Year has seen more staff changes; not only with the addition of two new team members but also with Dan, our former CNC manager, joining the Technical Design team.

Dan joined the CNC department of Touch Design Group in 2017 as a graduate from Plymouth University. Dan studied 3D design, the Designer Maker module of the degree which focused on design, and the ability to then make their designs in the workshop.

The technical design team required an additional designer and Dan was keen to take on this new position. Nate Crosby Technical Design Manager said about Dan’s move to the department:

“Dan’s knowledge from his previous role will allow the two departments to work hand in hand. CNC considerations were already at the forefront of our minds in the design stage but with Dan part of our team he will be not only be able to review and amend processes – and teach us to do the same – but also answer questions that we have instantly, and this added knowledge will all contribute to making the CNC programming easier and inevitably faster. “

Here’s what Dan had to say about his new role:

“I accepted the post as I really wanted to go back to what I had learned during my degree – whilst I learned a lot within the CNC department and certainly enjoyed elements of the role, I wasn’t really utilising the knowledge I had gained from university.

I love learning new skills, and now I can learn a lot about the design and drawing phases of the projects we do; I’m super excited to start acquiring this expertise as well as introducing the knowledge and experience I gained from my previous role into the technical department “.

Dan’s move undoubtedly has real advantages for the technical department. In just two days they were benefiting from his CNC knowledge with the team asking him how their actions affect CNC production. Dan says:

“I can really see potential changes to be made that will help production further down the line and improve the processes by anticipating CNC department queries before the production drawings even reach the workshop”.

So it’s certainly a positive move for us and from what Dan has to say below it seems it’s a win for all of us!

“The biggest benefit to me is that I get to keep learning in a new role and pick up skills completely new to me while still being at TDG – a company that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of and am delighted to remain in”.

We are really pleased you remained with us Dan!