At Touch Design group we pride ourselves in our ability to offer literally any type of bespoke interior design that a client might want. Our bespoke interior design service ranges from one-off pieces of handmade furniture through to entire refits. We offer tailor-made solutions for both fitted and freestanding furniture, bespoke solutions for the kitchen, utility areas and an unlimited choice of architectural joinery.

In our state of the art workshops we are able to provide the highest quality, comprehensive design and manufacturing service. Because every part of the process takes place under one roof we have complete control over every stage. Our interior and technical designers are always looking for innovative ways to push the creative and technical boundaries of a project to provide the perfect bespoke solutions for our customers’ needs. If you can dream it, we make it our mission to make it happen. Collaborative work between our talented team of designers, technicians, craftsmen, project managers and fitters at every stage of the process ensures unparalleled continuity and quality.

One of the cornerstones of our bespoke interior design service is our extraordinary range of materials sourced from around the world and stored in our extensive materials library at Touch HQ. All of our finishes come from a hand-picked group of international partners, many of which are exclusive to Touch Design Group. Our veneers are hand selected from one of the world’s top veneer merchants, sustainably sourced and fully accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Equipped with guillotines and heated presses, we are able to create veneers of all types and scales from delicate boxes to living room tables. Our pressing capabilities are not limited to flat panel work, with vacuum forming enabling us to create two and three dimensionally shaped panels.

Bespoke interior design means that we approach every project from a unique standpoint. This approach to our work drives ongoing development and has created a wealth of practices and methods distinctive to Touch Design Group.

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